Viking Cafe: A Beautiful Slice Of Iceland


This family company operates a guesthouse, café, horse rental and Viking Village.

East Iceland is where you find the actual “ice” of Iceland, including Vatnajökull glacier, a giant white spot on the map that is truly breathtaking in person. You can see the glacier descend into black sands and hot streams erupt from frozen banks of ice. The landscape is remarkable with mountains jutting out of the earth close to sea and sweeping regions like Stokksnes and Vestrahorn. Travelers come from around the world to the region to photograph the pristine, stunning nature in the southeast, including professional and amateur photographers, the Game of Thrones production, and a famous Indian Bollywood film. Apple also visited the region to film some footage for scenery for product launches. During the winter, this region is especially popular for the chance to see and photography northern lights. Watching the green and white lights flicker and dance in the sky is a memorable experience. 

Viking Cafe, which is operated by a family with deep roots in southeast Iceland, welcomes guests through a variety of businesses, including a guesthouse, café, and horse rental.


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